Alexander Coghill Wylie (1851-1910) was a barrister and politician.

The only son of Andrew Wylie, of Primlaws, Fifeshire, Scotland, in 1874 he was admitted as a student at the Middle Temple in 1874 and called to the bar in 1877.

In 1879 he was elected to the London School Board as one of the representatives for Lambeth. He stood on a secularist platform, seeking to have religious instruction removed from all board schools.

However his membership of the board was to be brief. In 1880 he contested the general election as a parliamentary candidate in Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. He failed to be elected, and the £2,000 expenditure on the campaign left him bankrupt. He was therefore disqualified from membership of the board, his seat being declared vacant in August 1880.

Being deeply in debt, Wylie divorced his wife and fled to Australia.[1]

He moved to Melbourne, where he married for the second time in 1884.His daughter, Ida Alexa Ross Wylie, who became well known as the author I A R Wylie was born there in 1885, before the family returned to London in 1888. His second wife died in 1890, and he married again in 1891.


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